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My Little Word

Gabriela Mur

My name is Gabriela Mur I am 15 years old,

I lived in Espinal - Tolima, my mother is Yohana

Canizales Moreno, my brother is Jhon Alejandro

Mur Vela, in my free time I like to sleep

read, also I have a dog called Bern

My Family

Family Canizales

cra 9 Number 7-75, neighborhood center Home

My Mother

My Motheris Edith Yohana Moreno Canizales

She is the mother head of household; is

very cute, affectionate, tender, likes to be

me, I admire her because she is the mother

and father, I love her and I wish him well.

My Brother

My older Brother is Jhon Alejandro Mur,

is 16 years old is very intelligent

and tender love him very much, and although almost no

We are together always be to support

and I know he will be too for me when

needed. I love you brother

My Pet

My dog is called Berna is much cute

and playful, I love because it is very

crazy and likes to go for walks with family,

We always shows a ronrisa well be sad

My Best friend

Daniela Morales Rativa, she's my Bestfriend

because it is fastidious, cranky, bipolar, etc ...

it is my best friend because we are equal

no matter who is away is still my friend

My Hobby

I like to Sleepbecause I'm very

loose and is the most good that there

in the world, it's free.

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My Neighborhood Friends

They are my Friends in the neighborhood, I go with them

speak, we laugh we play, recochamos and other

every day, we always divertirmos and we

very well together.


God Uniminuto so called college

where I want to study my psychology degree

it is located in girardot and is one of the best.


I see it like Studying at university

happening with excellent grades semesters

and achieve and what always dreamed


I want to study Psychology because it is what

I like, and I want to learn behavior

behavior and mental processes of being

human and I find that very interesting

Walk educational

This photo was taken in Bogota when we were all

my classmates; we went to monserrate

the planetarium and the amusement park Salitre Magico


This is the School San Isidoro where

and completed my primary and secondary'm now

in grade eleven about to graduate and finish my



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